Bathroom Upgrade on a Budget: A Checklist

Upgrading a bathroom can be an extremely exciting project to undertake but can feel overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch and have little experience with design and décor.

It’s a rewarding challenge but can become costly. Use the checklist below to explore all your bathrooms’ potential at the lowest possible price.

Know what you want

Firstly, you’ll need to know exactly what you want. This can save time and money spent with a consultant when you do your own research on your space and the possibilities and restrictions within it. It’s advisable to plan the room on paper or online before proceeding with the project. Check out to find the perfect planning tool for you.

Plotting out the space in a few different styles will help you better understand the possibilities and your vision. Defining your goals and budget on paper at the very beginning of the project could save you time and money in the long run.

Know what you need

Source materials and products as inexpensively as possible. Many bathroom projects will require a qualified professional to install or fit. Although this can become costly, outsourcing to trusted tradespeople for individual tasks can help keep costs to a minimum. It may be tempting to attempt potentially dangerous tasks on your own but be sure to ask a professional to help if you aren’t qualified so that you can avoid injury, costly repairs, and risk to your finished design.

Ideas to upgrade your bathroom by finding the luxury in the details:

  • Add a heated towel rail – warm fluffy towels will add a touch of class to your shower routine and eliminate any damp odors loitering in the bathroom. Find heated towel rails and more to keep your home cozy for less at
  • Swap your shower head – a new shower head can help save on water bills and increase your water pressure. Upgrading will allow you to select the head that’s right for you, with many different functions and features to choose from.
  • Increase your water pressure – if changing your shower head doesn’t fix low-pressure showers, troubleshoot the problem.
  • Add some plants and candles – bath-side accessories and perhaps a bath caddy to house them will make your bathroom feel as good as new! The candles will allow varied lighting and encourage relaxation while the plants purify the air. Meanwhile, any other accessories you choose should make your bathroom feel luxe and high-end.
  • Transfer your products to luxury bottles and containers – store-bought containers don’t always match your color scheme and can make the space look messy or unorganized. Transparent or colored containers can be added to sync your shower shelves with the rest of the room.
  • Purchase a new range of towels: from hand towels to bathrobes, upgrading your post-shower or bath experience with fresh, high-quality towels will make you feel incredible.

In conclusion

Having a spa-worthy bathroom is a dream for many Americans! Use this checklist to upgrade any bathroom space to feel luxurious and get excited for bath time, no matter how old you are.

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