Best Bathroom Sinks (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Great bathrooms would not be complete without the best bathroom sinks. This simple structure in your bathroom in your home is often overlooked because it is, like the toilet, used for a very utilitarian type of function.

However, you can really upgrade your bathroom experience and make your life much better by choosing the best kind of sink. The best bathroom sinks vary in size, style, and material, and the truly best bathroom sink is only as good as what you need it for. 

If you don’t care about an easy to clean sink in your home, one that is very easy to clean probably won’t really benefit you.

If a sink is extremely fancy, but all you care about is how easy it is to clean, that fancy bathroom sink won’t do you too much good. 

Figuring out what is important to you, while also knowing as many options as possible and the pros and cons of them will be very helpful in your search for the best bathroom sinks.

KINGO HOME Above Counter Porcelain Bathroom Vessel Sink


Porcelain is a much more elegant version of basic ceramic. Sometimes called porcelain ceramic, this product is the most durable and hardiest of the fired clay ceramics. Though extremely tough, it still has a soft and smooth look to it, which is why most people want this sort of material for their bathroom.

While it is hardy, you still have to watch out for what chemicals you use on porcelain bathrooms sinks. Water and soap should do the trick just fine. Highly acidic cleaners, such as vinegar, may be too harsh and damage a porcelain bathroom sink.

This particular bathroom sink is popular for its sleek style and will definitely add to the decor of your bathroom. It is curved inwards not only for design but to capture as much water as possible into the drain.

The finish is a non-porous baked on finish which makes it pretty scratch resistant and able to last longer.

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VCCUCINE Rectangle Above Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink


Vessel Bathroom sinks actually sit high on top of the bathroom counter so that the bottom of the sink is in contact with the counter. Sometimes they are also called above counter installs.

Advantages to this type of vessel sink is the much more modern and elegant style. The downside is that these usually take up more bathroom counter space.

Installation is pretty effortless with vessel sinks, which makes them a really easy addition.

The Vccucine vessel bathroom sink is a luxurious style vessel sink for your modern bathroom. It is made with ceramic material that has a great shine to it. The drain in this ceramic vessel sink is in the very middle of the sink which allows for the water to not just sit in the sink.

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U-Eway 24″ Rectangle Drop In White Bathroom Ceramic Sink


Also known as “self-rimming sinks” drop in bathroom sinks are sinks where the rim of the sink fits flush with the counter top and the belly of this product hangs hidden below.

They are not as easy to install as vessel sinks because they have to fit perfectly into the pre-made hole, and if they don’t you will have to either re-size the sink or re-size the hole it drops into. They are not as versatile either because for the most part when you want to replace them, you either have to get the exact same sink, or go through re-sizing.

They are definitely better for bathroom counter space because they take up a whole lot less room.

U-Eway has a great drop in ceramic sink that is starch resistant and comes with solid brass faucets.

It only has two bolts for the install which makes it reliability easy to put into place.

However they are relatively small bolts so you may not feel safe with this one.

It is also a handmade product, so you notice some technical flaws. However, being handmade can give it a great rustic look while still being plain enough to go with your bathroom’s current decor.

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Ruvati Stainless Steel Undermount Bathroom Sink


The Ruvati is a popular vanity stainless steel sink. Stainless steel is the ideal and most durable material for a bathroom sink. It can hold up against falling damage and abrasive cleaners much better than even copper. It still may be scratched but it will take a lot more than regular cleaning to actually leave score marks in this sink. 


This stainless steel sink is an undermount sink. This means that in the installation process, you will have to put the sink in from below the carved out hole. Undermounted sinks are a little trickier to install, so if you have to replace them, it may be more of a challenge than with other kinds of sinks. 


This particular steel sink features what’s called a sound guard underneath the metal. This softens the noise of running water and it also prevents condensation build as well, minimizing the amount of stationary water build up.


However, with this particular sink you may notice water spots appearing on the surface after a longer wash. You will want to clean the Ruvati with very minimal water when attempting to get rid of the water spots. 

Another problem is in finding the correct drain covers for this sink. You have to hunt to find a good fit because the hole is slightly irregular in size. The drain cover that comes with the sink may or may not fit. Some people have had trouble with it and others have not. 

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Monarch Abode Sink


Copper sinks are the second most durable and best bathroom sinks available. Pure copper products will definitely stand the test of time and be able to handle large objects falling into or hitting the sides of the sink.


The skirted style of the Monarch sink is also very sleek and modern looking. If you are updating your bathroom, the style will give the bathroom in your home a great finishing look. 


There is one flaw that is specific to copper bathroom sinks. They will usually darken over time from long exposure to air and water. The material won’t or corrode just from the water and the air, however it will discolor over time. For the most part the Monarch copper sink will discolor uniformly, so you won’t have to worry too much about having splotchy coloring. 


Harsher chemical cleaners would not be recommended as they may add to the discoloration of the sink.


Unfortunately it’s not made to be a vessel sink. It is better for a drop in sink, as the bottom does not have a finished look. However it can be a vessel sink as well as long as the bottom is adequately covered.


This sink does not have an overflow opening, so you will have to buy a stopper that doesn’t need an overflow. These can be gotten for a very low price.


Also, the coloring of the sink may look a bit different from the pictures online. A copper sink for bathrooms, even ones of the exact same coloring, all have different hues due to the nature of copper. You sink may be a little darker or lighter than what you see online.

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Nantucket Sinks Rectangle Ceramic Undermount


Ceramic bathroom sinks are the most popular material used. They offer solid durability and more often match the surface look of either your bathtub, shower, or toilet, so they are easy to match unlike other more specialty material. 


They are made from fired clay and offer smooth finishes, which make them very easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about rust or natural discoloration If you are cleaning regularly. 


The Nantucket ceramic sink is designed to allow the water to fall toward the drain, as it is curved at both ends. The lip of this ceramic sink is also very flat, so that when dropped in, it will flush with the surrounding bathroom sink countertop, a huge plus. 


A depth of about six inches also makes this ceramic bathroom sink a great addition to your bathroom. The depth allows for much easier hand washing and also provides flexibility with fixture customization. The faucets and handles won’t take up too much room even if you get larger fixtures, and getting smaller fixtures just allows even more space for your hands. 


Sinks for bathrooms often have width and length problems. The width and length of this sink may not be to the liking of some people. Although it is nice and deep, it is on the small side counter space wise. 


A small but bonus feature is that the overflow drain is located at the front of the sink where it is much less visible. This is not the fanciest feature but it will add to the uninterrupted, smooth look of the bathroom sink. 

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Puluomis Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink


Glass sinks are made of tempered glass. This means the glass product has undergone chemical and thermal treatments to make the material much stronger and more durable. You shouldn’t have to worry about the glass shattering easily or it cracking from undue force.


As with stainless steel sometimes, water spots may begin to appear on the surface of the glass. This can be quickly remedied however by wiping with minimal water and a slightly damp cloth so as not to add more sitting water to the sink.


The Puluomis glass sink is a very stylish one. It has a great shine and glossy surface. It is quality, thick tempered glass that is durable and shatter resistant which will be a great addition to your home bathroom.


A flaw with this one is the installation. Even though it has a beautiful design it is a little difficult to actually install. The shape inhibits easy installation to an extent and the instructions that come along with the sink are rudimentary at best. 

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KOHLER K-2210-0 Caxton Under-Mount Bathroom Sink, White


Undermount sinks are installed from beneath the bathroom counter and are some of the most customized sinks. 

Caulking and clips are needed to mount the sinks and hold them in place, as they sit very low in your sink, unlike vessel sinks which sit very high up.

These types of sinks usually call for a contractor to put them in, but most should be able to help you pretty efficiently. 

Depending on what type of bathroom style you are going for, this may fit your needs a little better than others, considering these undermount sinks will be even less visible than the other types.

However, the difficulty of installation and replacement may turn some people off these types.

Kohler has good porcelain undermount sink that is really affordable. Bathroom sinks by kohler usually have very simple designs and a hidden view due to its undermount. It’s very sturdy because of its porcelain construction and prevents watermarks. 

There aren’t any faucet holes so you will have to get those separately and have a contractor install them for you. 

Width and depth are a bonus with not only this sink but most undermount sinks. 


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Ondine 16″ Small Pedestal Bathroom Sink


Pedestal sinks are free standing bathroom sinks that aren’t attached to a countertop. They stand on a column that is attached to the floor and are generally pretty high.

These products are great space savers if your intent is to not have any countertop space but have a lot more room to move around in the actual bathroom. They are also pretty easy to clean since everything is self contained.

For saving space, you will need the Ondine pedestal sink. It is a top rated choice. It is actually a little smaller than most pedestal sinks, which already run small in total size compared to large countertops that usually support sinks.

The only problem with this sink may be its installation, as it does not come with a wall mount bracket. There are two holes at the back where screws can be placed to screw into the wall, but this may take little more work than wanted. 

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LILLÅNGEN Ceramic Vanity Sink


Ikea is the go to for affordable, stylish furniture and fixtures. It has a huge array of pretty much any industry standard for all areas of need in your home. 

Ikea also has some of the most popular sinks for easy installation, middling durability, and modern, interesting designs. 

One of the highest rated bathroom sinks that Ikea has to offer is the Lillangen ceramic vanity sink. 

This sink is great for its customizability. You can put your fixtures either on the left or right side of the sink according to your preference. And since it is made to be a vanity sink, you will have lots of space underneath as well.

There are metal hooks that come with the sink that can be used to hang a variety of items, towels, plants for decoration, baskets with toiletry times. More can be purchased as well to increase the utility of the sink. 

The Lillangen doubles as the actual bathroom counter. It has a ton of space near the faucet and also in the main basin of the sink where a wide indented lip is carved out. 

It is big enough to accommodate you, but its narrow build saves a lot of space in the bathroom.

There are a couple of flaws in the Lillangen that may give you pause before making a decision. The initial install for this product is actually a little tricky. The directions are not as clear as would be preferable and you may need other hook up hoses  as these do not fit all sizes.

The drain plug may also be difficult to keep tightly in place.

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Buying Guide

Knowing specific details of different bathroom sinks is definitely a good way to find your dream sink. You will be able to sift through so many more options of sinks if you know your need beforehand. 

Figuring out some key basics to look for first before doing deep dive will save you a lot of time. You won’t ever be able to get every single feature you are looking for, however, but if you use this method to narrow down your search for the right products it will be very helpful. 

Find out what features are a must for you and then rule out or include different models by your “must haves”.

Here are some features to look out for.


The material that your bathroom sink is made out of is going to affect a number of things. The sturdiness of the sink determines how it can stand up to blunt force. The durability will affect how long you can actually use the sink. And the finished surface will affect how stain resistant it is. 

Porcelain and basic ceramic are both made from ceramic, but porcelain is hardier than basic ceramic, and basic ceramic is cheaper than porcelain. Porcelain ceramic sinks are sometimes hard to tell from one another, but there are definite differences in feel and durability.  Vitreous China is another ceramic iteration. Vitreous china has a higher enamel finish and is more spill and scratch resistant.

Copper and stainless steel are the strongest longest lasting, but steel is obviously stronger than copper. 


This aspect of your bathroom is much more a personal one. Depending on what look you are going to use it for in your bathroom, sinks come in a variety of styles. If you want more counter space, less visibility from your sink, or an addition to your already manicured bathroom style, each design style has a different advantage.

Drop in and undermount sinks are similar, however the drop in is installed from the top and is a bit easier to place, and the bathroom undermount sink is installed from the bottom. 

Vessel sinks are simply placed on top of the counter top and are probably the easiest to install. However, a vessel sink will take up the most space. There are ceramic vessel sinks available that look really great.


Sizing can be the most difficult part of looking for sinks, because not all sink sizes are totally accurate, it is difficult to figure out the exact size you need to use barring the actual sink being in your bathroom.

Depending on the style of sink you are buying, you may want to consult a contractor as it is very disappointing to think you have the right size, only to receive an over or undersized sink.


You are going to want to be sure to know how your sink is mounted. Bathroom undermount sinks are usually mounted with clips and caulk, while pedestal sinks use either screws inserted into the wall or into a wall mount fixture.


Q: What is the strongest material?

A: Stainless steel is the strongest.

Q: Can I easily exchange fixtures?

A: It depends on the sink, but most fixtures are interchangeable, yes.

Q: How do I clean the sink?

A: Soap and water are your best bet as you don’t want chemicals to cause undue harm.

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