6 BEST Bed Rails for Seniors To Stay Safe

Unfortunately, our time is ticking away with every birthday we celebrate. However healthily we may try to live, even simple everyday activities like getting in and out of bed may become a challenge one day. Fortunately, the best beds rails for seniors are a solution to help.

These are rails going along either side of the bed to prevent the person from falling out of it in their sleep. They are especially useful to people recovering from a recent stroke or suffering from chronic diseases. The bed rail models reviewed below will provide the elderly members of your family with a feeling of safety, security, and independence at home!

 Best Bed Rails for Seniors


Stander’s STD5800 – The Most Reliable Bed


Our first choice probably is the most reliable and popular bed rail that easily attaches to both home and hospital beds. This particular model serves as both a bed rail and a safety handle. It is 18 inches wide and weighs 9 lbs. STD5800’s legs extend according to the bed’s height from 13.5 to 21.5 inches.

Furthermore, each leg has got a non slip cap at the end for extra safety. The height from the base of the mattress to the top of the handle is also adjustable, varying from 17.5 to 22.5 inches. This bedside rail model has got an ergonomic cushion handle that has got a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

STD5800 has also got an organizer with four compartments, where one can put their smartphone, tablet, or remote control. The anti-slip grips are a very important feature of this safety rail model, as they tightly secure the product between the bed frame and the mattress. It is good to mention here that this particular type of bed rail fits on eight to eighteen-inch mattresses.

It also fits on platform beds whose slats run both length-wise and width-wise, given that the gaps between slats are not wider than five inches. The STD5800 bed rail arrives ready for a tool free installation. It stands at the top of our list for its sturdiness, durability, and the feeling of security that this bed rail gives the user. We could find very few negative reviews of this product online, and this is probably the best safety rail you can buy for just under $100.


  • Greatly reduces pain in patients with back surgery when they get out of bed or turn in
  • It helps your loved one to independently move from their bed to their wheelchair
  • The personal possessions’ pouch is a great aid to both the user and the caregiver.
  • The Ergonomic cushioned handle provides support as well as comfort


  • The vertical handle support adjustment has plastic and rubber collets that quickly wear off
  • Users report that STD5800 needs a safety strap for extra stability
  • Depending on your mattress, the box spring could be a little wider

Stander’s EZ Adjust Bed Rail – The Only Extendable Bed Rail on the Market

Stander has released a very good solution in the form of STD5800, and then they made it extendable with EZ Adjust. both products prevent falls rather well, but the extension gives the user a feeling of extra protection. Just like its predecessor, the EZ Adjust Bed Rail is made of sturdy steel alloy. Zinc-plated and powder-coated, it feels nice to touch.

EZ Adjust Bed Rail is of the so-called fold-down or swing-down type. These bedside rail models fold down at 180 degrees to allow free access to the user’s bed. To allow quick folding, the area by the bed should be free of other furniture.

In addition to helping your loved one get in and out of bed, Stander’s EZ Adjust Bed Rail extends to a full-size bed side rail to provide extra fall protection whenever such is needed. This model easily extends from half-sized to full-sized safety rail with the push of a small button. The folding mechanism inside has a lifespan of thousands of cycles, so you should not worry about jams or other malfunctions.

It does not require any extra care on the part of the user either. This particular model installs on beds with mattresses between 12 and 18 inches in width. The safety strap that comes with it securely attaches the rail to the bed’s frame. The installation is not tool free, though. You’ll need a hex key and four bold to attach it to the bed.

Fortunately, these are included in the package. You can install this safety rail on either side of your bed. The EZ Adjust Bed Rail has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and has got a four-compartment pouch for the personal items or medicines of your loved one.


  • Extends easily from half to full size with the push of a button
  • The extension mechanism is reliable and maintenance-free
  • Easy to install on either side of the bed
  • Fits many bed models and mattresses


  • Installation is not tool free
  • The fold-down part of the rail is too heavy for elderly users to lift

Drive Medical Home Bed Side Helper

Drive Medical is a well-known manufacturer of bed railings in the USA. They have designed their Bed Side Helper with sturdiness and reliability in mind. This product attaches perfectly to standard home beds, including the king and queen size, to give our loved ones the independence they need at home. It also prevents elderly people from accidentally falling out of bed in their sleep.

The Bed Side Helper’s aluminum body attaches to the bed at four points to the bed’s frame using an eight-inch mounting bracket. The manufacturer recommends attaching the Bed Side Helper to metal bed frames for maximum safety. The 11-inch-wide frame allows for one-or two-handed use.

However, Drive Medical explicitly warns that the product is not meant to support full body weight. Its weight capacity is 250 lbs.  the Helper’s legs with adjustable height are clad in non-slip caps.  Please note that the tubing of the previous two contenders is made of steel alloy, and they thus have a greater weight capacity.

Although the design helps this product serve its primary function, the white aluminum tubing looks pretty bare and basic. We regret the absence of any space for personal belongings on this bed rail, and this is a significant setback compared to the products at positions one and two.

There are no cushioned grips on the areas where seniors are supposed to grasp for support, which will give them a feeling of less comfort and security. True, the installation is tool free, but the Bed Side Helper is not very easy to assemble.


  • Serves its primary function well
  • Tool free assembly
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame tubing


  • Basic and bare design
  • No cushioned grips
  • No pouch for personal belongings

Freedom Grip Plus Bed Rail

The Freedom Grip Plus Bed Rail by Mobility Transfer systems does not only help your loved one with getting out of bed independently, but it also gives them a chance for an able life while preventing falls. The nine-inch-wide support handle is a great aid to seniors with back pain, as the cushion absorbs much of the pressure on the spine when they sit on their bed or get up.

This bedside rail is 100% American-made and can fit on mattresses up to 16-inch thick. This bedside rail has got an adjustable height between 21.5″ and 24.5″. To get your preferred height, just press the buttons on both sides of the handle. By comparison, the STD 5800 model has got an adjustable height between 17.5 and 22.5 inches.

This model features a wooden board base and steel tubing and has got a maximum support capacity of 250 lbs. The Freedom Grip Plus Bed Rail fits on both sides of the bed and features tool free assembly. Being just nine-inch wide, this model will rather remind the user where the edge of the bed is, so they stop turning. The extendable EZ Adjust Bed Rail copes better with fall prevention.

Freedom Grip Plus Bed Rail is of the so-called legless rails for beds. All you have to do to install this product is just slide the board between the mattress and the box spring and then press the cushioned handle onto the receiving tubes until they lock in place.

Simple as his installation method is, it does create some stability concerns. Models that attach to the bed’s frame with lamps tend to be more suitable for overweight seniors. Users have also complained that the wooden board that goes under the mattress is rather heavy and cumbersome to transport. Others have found the adjustable height margin too narrow.


  • Very easy to install
  • The cushioned grip handle feels very comfortable
  • Fits all home beds


  • Does not attach to the bed’s frame
  • Users find the adjustable height margin too narrow
  • The product is rather difficult to transport

 Secure EZBR-2 – A Reliable Bed Rail With Safety Strap

Secure has been making bed rails and able life products since 1991. Their EZBR-2 Adjustable Bed Assist Rail with Safety Strap provides bedroom safety to seniors and loved family members recovering from a serious illness. It minimizes the risk of falling and makes getting out of bed easier for your loved one.

EZBR-2 is another legless bedside rail model that fits all bed sizes and types. The sturdy powder-coated steel frame tucks three feet under the mattress, while the retention strap securely attaches the rail to the base of the bed. The presence of a safety strap is what you should be looking for when buying a legless model.

The adjustable handle moves up from 17 to 20 inches in height and can support a maximum weight of 300 lbs. The non-slip grip provides a feeling of extra security and comfort. The grab handle is 20 inches wide which provides more surface for the user to lean on. EZBR-2 weighs just 6 lbs. and it is easy to fold and transport.

The design of EZBR-2 is durable, but it, again, is rather basic. The absence of a pouch for personal belongings is typical for all bed rails for adults in the budget price range. The good thing about this model is that the storage pouch sells separately. Still, most users are happy with this safety rail’s straightforward installation and find say it’s a great bed assist.

All you have to do is tuck the bed rail between the mattress and bed’s base, adjust grab handle’s height, and tighten the safety strap around the other side of the bed frame. Keep in mind that this model attaches to only one side of the bed.

So, an elderly couple will probably have to purchase two items. Also, some users have complained that the safety strap does not provide adequate support, as it is made of nylon. One solution is to buy four of the biggest zip ties you can find in your local hardware store and use them for a tighter fixture.


  • Very secure for getting in and out of bed
  • Can be used even without the safety strap
  • The nicely cushioned grip provides extra comfort
  • Extremely easy to assemble and install


  • Users say it is not so efficient in fall prevention
  • The safety strap does not provide perfect stability
  • The storage pouch sells separately

Medline Bed Assist Bar

This is a very simple model meant mostly for elderly users whose mobility is just mildly impaired. While it does provide good support when a senior user gets in and out of bed, it does not provide total protection against accidental falls.

The Bed assist bar is made of steel and weighs just 6 lbs. At the same time, it can safely support an individual of up to 250 lbs in weight. Its frame slides under the mattress, while the support legs are adjustable in height. Some users have found that the rail bends easily and have warned against using it to pull yourself around in bed. This model has also got a safety strap that attaches to the bed frame on the opposite side. Although it can be installed on either side of the bed without any tools, the clip that connects the safety strap to the box springs is made of plastic and may break if over-tightened.

Ideally, bed rails for adults should come about twelve inches above the top of your mattress when properly installed. Thus, your loved one will be able to hold on to it to pull themselves up and regain their balance before standing up. If the mattress is soft, getting up without assistance may be very difficult for an elderly person.

The rubber non-slip caps provide extra security when one leans on the assist bar with their full body weight. The single-compartment pouch located just under the ergonomic cushioned handle is very practical. It is large enough to fit a small pillbox, a book, one or two remote controls, and a spectacles’ case.


  • One of the few models with storage pouch
  • The adjustable height legs and the safety strap provide extra support
  • Tool free installation on either side of the bed


  • The rail may bend over time
  • The manufacturer provides a limited warranty of only one year
  • The safety strap’s plastic clip may break if over-tightened

Seniors’ Bed Rail Buying Guide

In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to answer some of the hottest and most topical questions about the bed rail models discussed above.

1. What types of bed rails are there on the market?

Some of the most popular types of bed rails are:

Dual Bed Rails (mostly installed along hospital beds positioned in the middle of the room)

Fold-Down Bed Rails (they require free area beside the bed to move up and down, e.g. Stander’s EZ Adjust Bed Rail)

Bed Rail Handles (These models are suitable for small bedrooms)

Bed Rails with Support Legs (The most reliable model on the market. It tucks beneath the mattress and has also got two support legs)

Crossbar Bed Rails (They provide patients with multiple bars to hold on. Mostly attach to hospital beds to assist rehab)

2. What makes the best bed rails?

The best bed rail is lightweight, yet durable. It must be an item that you can fully trust to support your loved one when getting in and out of bed. At the same time, it should not restrict their freedom of movement. Each bed rail model has a specific use. Please consult a physical therapist or a caregiver, before purchasing one for your nearest and dearest.

3. Are bed rails safe for the elderly?

All bed rails are tested rigorously before being released on the market. Bed rails normally hold all necessary safety certificates for the area they sell in. Yet, they must be properly assembled and regularly checked for loose bolts or clamps.

4. Does Medicare cover bed rails?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover standard bedside rails for home use. However, it does cover bed rails for hospital beds, should the patient need one.

5. Which bed rail is the best?

Stander’s STD5800 is probably one of the best bed rails that one can buy online. It combines sturdiness and comfort to provide your loved ones with safe assistance when getting in and out of bed. We also do recommend that you choose a model with an organizer.

When a person’s mobility is impaired, having their personal belongings at hand becomes of crucial importance. Last but not least, we’ve put this product at the top of our list because of the small number of negative reviews it has generated online.


Bed rails come in different designs and modifications. Some are made of steel and wood, others – of aluminum and plastic. The one you should choose for your loved ones should most of all give them a feeling of independence and security.  This article’s purpose is to guide you through the bed rails’ world, but you should always consult a medical professional or a certified caregiver before making a final choice.

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