Best Jet Spa for Bathtub

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Finding the best jet spa for bathtub could be an easy way to upgrade your normal tub into a luxurious whirlpool tub. 

But the conversion kits are just the sort of item that can be plagued with problems. Portable bath tub spas are the perfect fad product that can be manufactured cheaply and branded up to look like a high quality bathroom upgrade. 

On the other hand, get a good one of these portable bath tub spas and you’ll have saved a lot of money compared to a whirlpool tub or a full hot tub.

Top Choice

SereneLife Thermal Bubble Mat

Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat - Waterproof Tub Massaging Spa, Full Body Bubbling Bath Thermal Massager Machine w/ Heat, Motorized Air Pump, Aroma Clip for Oil - SereneLife PHSPAMT24HT

Here are some of the best we’ve found after some detailed research into the most popular models and their limitations.

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Best Jet Spa For Bathtub

SereneLife Thermal

Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat - Waterproof Tub Massaging Spa, Full Body Bubbling Bath Thermal Massager Machine w/ Heat, Motorized Air Pump, Aroma Clip for Oil - SereneLife PHSPAMT24HT


  • 20 minute shut off
  • Air pump


  • Loud
  • Won’t heat cold water


With your bubble creating mat placed on the floor of your bathtub, you should be able to get a pretty good bubble to water ratio so that a good portion of your body will be able to feel all of its soothing effects.

It sticks itself to your bathtub floor with small suction cups on the bottom. It’s well padded so while you enjoy the numerous bubbles you’ll be doing so comfortably. The suction cup pads don’t work completely, so you may experience some sliding, but you should be able to get to an ok position without too much trouble.

To power the huge amount of bubbles the SereneLife portable bath tub spa produces, there is an air pump that you’ll have to place outside of your bathtub which pumps the water full of spa-like bubbles. 

You’ll be able to control it by a hand held remote as well.

It will also maintain the heat in your bathtub for a good while. However it isn’t great at heating up cold water, so you’ll have to get your bath water to a good temperature before turning it on. 

Sometimes this unit is a little loud, but that is with most jet spas for bathtubs. 

It also has a twenty minute shut off timer, which can be good because technically you’re not supposed to use it for longer than that. However you might find this a little annoying if you were hoping to relax a little longer than that. 

These jet spas for bathtubs are sometimes better for low maintenance use and they are much easier to install than a full on spa hot tub.

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HoMedics Jet-1 Jet Spa Whirlpool Spa

HoMedics Jet-1 Jet Spa Whirlpool Spa


  • Twin Jets
  • Adjustable power
  • ALCI circuit interrupter


  • Some complaints of weak jets
  • Hard to find for sale

We love the firm grip of this jet spa that clamps securely to a range of bath tubs. This model also lets you adjust the power of the jets to suit you. And with two jets built in you should have a very satisfying result. Nevertheless some users have complained of a lack of power, with some opting to use two jet spas to really intensify their bath.

The long power cord has plenty of reach so you don’t need to worry about how far away your sockets are seeing as bathrooms tend to be lacking for safety reasons. The Homedics jet spa is fitted with a ALCI (Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter) power pack to ensure maximum safety.

Unfortunately it does seem that the Homedics Jet-1 is discontinued but there is plenty of old stock on marketplaces like Amazon. We don’t know how long supplies will last so if you do manage to find one of these portable bath tub spas make sure to act fast.

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HoMedics Body Bubbles Bath Spa


  • Powerful jets
  • Heats very well
  • Good Body Coverage


  • Doesn’t stick

If you’re wanting to cover larger areas of your tub with soothing bubbles, the Homedics Jet Spa does a great job at this.

It is much more powerful than most of the home jet spas out there and actually has a couple of different settings to choose. This is if you truly do like the gentle bubbles over a storm of massage jets, you can still have a quiet and relaxing tub time.

With that power definitely comes noise. If you’re going to turn it up to its highest setting, you will most likely have a pretty raucous tub time. 

Also it heats the water really compared to most other jet spas. It still won’t heat up ice cold water or anything, but as long as your starting temperature of your water is high, you will be able to stay warm a good long time. 

The suction is one of the only things that is similar in low quality as most other jet spas. You’ll have to be careful when laying down the mat because of how poorly it actually sticks to your tub. It is still just a mat with suckers on the bottom so you shouldn’t be expecting much, but it still is a really good alternative to other jet spas. That small limitation and a heap of benefits is why we’ve named it our best jet spa for bathtub.

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Tru Beauty Harmony Bath Spa, Adjustable Swivel Jet for Bathtubs


  • Handheld remote
  • Quiet
  • Jet can swivel manually


  • Not sticky
  • weak jets


This portable jet spa can stick pretty well to the side of your bathtub. The suction won’t last forever, however, and after you’re done using it, it tends to fall off since there isn’t constant water helping it to stay attached to the side of your tub. 

It’s also adjustable, meaning that you can direct the flow of bubbles a certain way to get a more customized experience. It doesn’t automatically swivel to accommodate any direction, so it isn’t the most advanced unit, but being able to position the jet any way you want is still an awfully big plus. 

The jets are relatively easy to use and intuitive so you won’t spend a ton of time fiddling around with the controls. 

The jets aren’t as powerful as you would like, they provide a pretty steady flow but the force isn’t strong enough to be as effective as some other jet spas. This might be preferable to some people, as a relaxing experience may not include the forceful, noisy jets of some portable bath tub spas

It isn’t battery powered, so it isn’t as portable and versatile as some other models of jet spas. However the cord has a really good length so you shouldn’t have too much trouble positioning this unit. 

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Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa


  • Very long cord
  • Quiet


  • Can’t go far under waterline


The Conair has a pretty cool design that allows for jets to spew bubbles from two different ends, increasing the amount of turbulence your bath water gets and also creating a more forceful flow. 

You’re going to want to keep the water level at or only slightly above where the dual head meets the shaft. It doesn’t function the best when it’s submerged too deep into the bathwater. This is a little frustrating as you’ll constantly have to be aware of the positioning of the spa jet every time you place it, and you’ll also have to be conscious of the water level. 

The cord is a really great length, a whopping fifteen feet. A lot of other Jet Spas don’t have this kind of length and so don’t allow for any and all placements. It’s tough to find the perfect spot that you want your jet spa to be in, and if you have to deal with a cord that just won’t reach from your awkwardly placed outlet to your tub, you’re going to have a good bit of frustration. 

The power from the transformer that runs inline with its cord is super quiet. Most often the power needed to run jet spa units are loud and obnoxious and just take away from your relaxing experience. This jet spa only adds to your quiet, relaxing experience in your tub. 

Again, it has the problem that most jet spas made for your bathtub does. Even with its two heads it only gives a little more jet power than other jet spas. However its multidirectional design does add more than most. 

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Bilt-Rite Mastex Health Spa


  • Stronger flow than most
  • Sticks to tub well


  • Slow heat time
  • Short cord
  • Short run time


The Bilt-Rite doesn’t have the longest cord in the world so this one may be a little tough if your bathroom isn’t compact. Also if your outlet is either positioned in a hard to reach place or if it’s just way too far away from your bathtub, you might have trouble with this particular jet spa. 

A lot of jet spa units say not to run them for more than twenty minutes, but you may want to run this one even less than that. It tends to get easily overworked so your relaxing night in the tub may get cut short fairly quickly. 

It does stick pretty well to the side of the tub being that it actually has three different suctions that provide good stability. Some jet spas only have two or even one suction that is too easily detachable. The Bilt-Rite doesn’t typically have this problem. 

It also gives a pretty good consistent flow that tends to be a little stronger than most other jet spas. 

However, it does take a while for the entire bath to be enveloped by the bubbles so you may have to wait for a little while depending on how big or small your bathtub is. 

It also tends to slow down its power after extended use so you’ll have to use this unit somewhat sparingly

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Buying Guide

Which Jet Spa for Your Bathtub is The Best?

The Homedics jet spa is probably going to be your best bet when looking for a solid bubble maker for your bathtub. It is really tough to get a lot of power from these small, portable jet spas, and the Homedic does the best job of not only being very powerful, but also in giving you options in the force level. 

Also, it does a much better job of keeping your bathtub at a higher temperature than most jet spas so you won’t have to worry about heating your bath back up if you’re taking longer than fifteen minutes to relax. These all make it our best jet spa for bathtub. 

Which Jet Spa Has the Most Features?

If you are looking for a variety of features in your jet spa, the SereneLife jet spa will most likely be your best bet. It has one of the largest mats which will cover the most area in your tub. Also, it has an automatic shut off feature so your jet spa won’t overheat. 

The controller it comes with is very adjustable as well and handheld which gives you a lot of freedom while you’re in the bathtub. 

Which Jet Spa is the Easiest to Set Up?

Either the Tru Beauty Harmony Bath Spa or the Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa will be your go to for ease of use. They both are relatively small and don’t take up much space. The power is housed all in the units frame so no extra pump or hose or mat to deal with. And they easily suction right to the side of your bathtub. 

The Tru Beauty bath spa is a good deal smaller than the Conair, so if you have limited space in your bathtub this will probably be a better option for you.

However the Conair is a little more hefty and durable, so if that is a necessity then that unit will be more to your liking.


Are most jet spas battery powered or do they use a cord?

Most use a cord to draw power from a wall outlet.

Are jet spas noisier than regular hot tubs or whirlpools?

No, the machines that power whirlpools are much bigger and louder.

Do jet spas have strong flow?

Typically you won’t get the same power form a jet spa as from a whirlpool tub or hot tub. However they do often have adjustable settings that can get a modicum of force and massaging power. 

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