Best Mattress For Seniors

When it comes to finding the best mattress for seniors there are some amazing options to choose from.

Getting older is often seen as a negative thing. But on the contrary, the Baby Boomer generation has created a new image of retirement. One of luxurious living and good health.

Mattresses too have undergone their own revolution in recent years – moving from basic creaking utilities to new and exciting indulgences. So what’s the best mattress for seniors?

They used to come from a store strapped to the roof of a car but now a combination of advances in packing technology and online e-commerce mean your next mattress will probably be delivered right to your door in a box.

And without high street brick and mortar shop fees to pay, these modern mattress brands are often passing on the savings of their virtual existence to their customers.

This is good news for seniors who need a good mattress more than most people. They typically experiences more chronic and frequent pain in their neck, shoulders, back, hips and elsewhere.

But new innovations like memory foam and more supportive designs can alleviate pain and pressure points so seniors can wake up feeling years younger.

Loom & Leaf – The Best Mattress For Seniors?

Loom & Leaf could easily be the best mattress for seniors thanks to its supportive memory foam with excellent cooling properties.

Thick comfort layers of gel memory foam and standard memory foam hug the sleeper’s body with two firmness options – ‘Medium’ and ‘Firm’ – to accommodate different body weights and sleep positions.

The organic cotton cover keeps the bed cool while the gel memory foam and two layers of high-density polyfoam provide excellent support. That level of support makes it ideal for side and back sleepers but not as good for stomach sleepers who may find themselves sinking into its welcoming soft grasp.

Loom & Leaf could well be the best mattress for seniors with back pain or athritis because of these features.

The Loom & Leaf absorbs motion to a noticeable extent and is virtually silent when bearing weight. That makes it great for seniors who wake easily or sleep beside someone who moves a lot in the night.

Each Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress is made in the U.S.A. with premium materials and costs 70% less than comparable retail brands. Unlike many modern mattress brands a Loom & Leaf mattress doesn’t come in a box.

You will receive a free white glove in-home delivery and setup, plus removal of your old mattress. This makes the entire process seamless and simple for seniors.

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