Bathing: The Best Natural Sleep Aid?

The National Institutes of Health (N.I.H.) report that “Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint of any age.” Unfortunately, insomnia does affect more than half of all adults age 60 and older.

Studies have proven that a hot bath before bed can help a body adjust to sleep mode, beating insomnia and helping an individual enjoy a more restful sleep. That makes bathing potentially the best natural sleep aid.

How a Hot Bath Makes The Best Natural Sleep Aid

Human body temperature varies with a consistent circadian rhythm, states the Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine.

Typically, body temperature lowers slightly about midday and then has another drop in the evening. We naturally feel sleepier when our body temperature drops.

If you take a hot bath about 90 minutes before going to bed, the bath helps to raise your body temperature and then when the natural body temperature drop occurs, you’ll feel sleepier because there’s more of a variance.

Studies have shown that seniors suffering from insomnia were able to improve their sleep by taking a full-body bath before their bedtime, making it one of the best natural sleep aids.

Don’t forget your mattress also has a big impact not just on your sleep, but your overall physical condition. See our review of the best mattress for seniors here.

Essentials for a Bedtime Bath

Routine is key for a good night’s sleep and that routine can begin with a bedtime bath.

Plan your bath for about 90 minutes prior to bedtime. Use soothing additives like essential oils, ginger or epsom salts to relax muscles and ease away any aches and pains lingering from the day. 

Aromatherapy, playing soft music in the background, or even indulging in reading a favorite novel during bath time can help you relax. This is the time to forget about the day and focus simply on you.

Before getting into the tub be sure to lay out your night clothes, robe, towel and other items needed post-bath. You want your after-bath moments to be stress-free and having to search for or retrieve forgotten bedtime essentials can affect your relaxed state.

Stress-free Bathing in the Right Bathtub

A good bathtub is needed for a daily nighttime bath. The best soaking tubs create an oasis of relaxation you’ll look forward to visiting each night.

Walk-in tubs and handicapped tubs offer the same level of spa comfort as other soaker tubs but they are safer for seniors and anyone with mobility challenges. We want your bathing experience to be stress-free and soothing.

From combination a walk-in tub/shower to an oversized soaking tub with jetted features for hydrotherapy, we’ll help you find what you want and need. A relaxing bath before bed may be just the thing to help you fall into a deep, restful sleep each night.

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