Best Shower Transfer Bench: Our Top 3 Picks

If you or someone you know has mobility issues then bathing becomes difficult, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Shower transfer benches are a simple solution to make getting in and out of the bath easier for anyone who struggles. But what is the best shower transfer bench to go for?



The Best Shower Transfer Bench Reviews



Platinum Health Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat Review

Platinum Health is the leading brand of tub transfer benches designed by frontline healthcare staff. Their products are used in thousands of hospitals, nursing homes and in private homes around the world.

Their high quality tub transfer bench is clearly the best shower transfer bench thanks to luxurious padding, a swivelling seat and a space-saving design.

You can assemble it with no tools in just five minutes and the legs are adjustable so you can fit it to any installation. The aluminium design is durable and leightweight to deliver years of comfortable use. What stands out about this shower bench is its robust construction that feels very secure.

The medical-grade polyurethane padding is non-slip, hygienic and comfortable and will not absorb any water and is easy to clean and disinfect. The padded armrests fold down and lock into place offering a secure grip to lever from.

Platinum Health also offers shower transfer bench attachments for legs and horizontal transfer while lying down.

The biggest issue we have encountered is the depth of the seat which is quite shallow. While the transfer bench does have a seatbelt some users feel slightly less secure without their full weight centered in the seat.

Another issue is the location of the controls. The release to swivel the seat is located at the front between the legs. This is fine for anyone able to reach down and activate it themselves but feels invasive for anyone assisting someone else in the bench.



Moen DN7105 Transfer Bench Review

Moen are one of the leading shower grab bar brands on the market, so no wonder the Moen tub transfer bench offers superior stability thanks to its wide legs.

The Moen transfer bench is easy to put together requiring only a phillips head screwdriver and is backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The bench seat is 33 inches wide by 18 inches deep. The legs use push button adjusters and can be adjusted from 16.5 to 21″ and will take up to 400lbs despite only weighing 16lbs.

One big perk a bit like the Carex’s soap dish is a hole to rest a shower head, although how practical this is in reality remains to be seen as a spraying shower head is likely to soak the whole bathroom untethered and you would also need a longer shower hose.

Like the Carex tub transfer bench the Moen is quite large which makes it comfortable and sturdy but it may be too big for a number of situations. The wide and flat seat also means it is easy for water to spread beyond the bath tub which could cause a hazard.



Carex Health Brands Universal Tub Transfer Bench Review

The sturdy all-plastic design of the Carex transfer bench makes it a reliable bench at a lower price than Platinum Health.

The legs are adjustable 17.5″ to 22.5″ and the bench can take up to 400lbs with rubber grips for a firm hold. It even includes a soap dish.

The backrest can be adjusted for right or left-handed entry and there are lots of grip handles throughout the design.

Again assembly is toolfree and it is very lightweight at under 14lbs.

The biggest drawback is its large design and so it doesn’t fit every bath or shower.

Shower Bench Vs Shower Chair

It’s a common misconception that tub transfer benches are only for baths. Place one side in the tub and the bather can move in.

In reality, the best shower transfer benches are very flexible. For instance, walk in showers are made much easier for people unable to walk. If a walk in shower has a step then this removes that trip hazard. If they stay in the chair while showering there is no need to worry about slipping and falls.

If someone has this level of difficulty with showering there are few better options as a shower transfer bench is both a shower chair and enables the access to the shower itself, whether its a shower tub combo or a walk in shower.

About Us

We’re a team of experts with a passion for luxury bathing and elderly care who have spent hundreds of hours analyzing and testing individual brands to bring you the best walk in tub reviews. 

We began out of frustration in 2015 when our founder, a digital journalist, found their mother targeted by bath-aid salesmen and was struck by the lack of independent research into this vital sector. 

How We Picked The Best Shower Transfer Bench

Flexibility and Adaptability

We believe the best shower transfer bench should be adaptable for a wide variety of needs, people and bathrooms. It’s fair to say that with shower transfer benches you get what you pay for, and given the high cost of the best shower transfer benches they need to be flexible and reliable as possible.

Tub transfer benches should work as shower chairs and vice versa.

The size should be small enough to fit a wide variety of bathrooms -especially as baths are frequently next to the toilet which can prove a large obstruction. That said, size shouldn’t compromise stability.


Without a doubt, the best shower transfer bench needs to be safe. Stability is given by reliable grips on the feet and a wider base. The build quality also needs to prevent any give in the construction  – especially with adjustable legs which can be rickety.

Ease of Use

The best shower transfer bench should allow optimum opportunity for independent use. While tub transfer benches are great bath aids for carers, they also allow many people with mobility issues to stay independent if they can be operated solo. That means easy tool-free assembly and lightweight construction.