Need Help Getting Out of Bathtub? Here’s 5 Top Tips How

If you need help getting out of bathtub then you have already overcome the first step in admitting it to yourself. The next is to consider the wide range of options available to you to help you get out of the bathtub safely and comfortably.

Bathing is an enjoyable experience. If you have limited mobility then this is even more the case as lying in a warm bath can soothe pain and ease your mind. However, when bathing becomes difficult the costs and effort of getting in and out of the bath often outweigh the benefits. You don’t want to get to a point where you can’t bring yourself to bathe anymore.

Thankfully there’s lots you can do for help getting out of the bathtub by yourself and maintaining your independence.

Help Getting Out of Bathtub Top Tips

Keep a Medical Alert System

No matter how confident and able you are, if you feel you need help getting out of the bathtub then its a good idea to have a medical alert system just in case the worst should happen. That could be falling or getting stuck in the tub. You’ll probably get tired of always having to keep it with you even in the bath but its a good idea to make it a habit. It’s an insurance policy that you don’t want to use but won’t regret if you ever do need to use it.

If you get into the habit of keeping your medical alert system with you in the bath tub now then you’ll be used to it if you become less mobile in the future.

Keep a Towel Near

We get in the bathtub to get wet which is normally relaxing and cleansing. However, water is also what makes the bathroom dangerous. Keeping a towel nearby means you can dry off any areas that could prove hazardous when you get out. For instance, the side of the bathtub or a grab bar can be very slippery when wet but you need to hold on to them to get out. Drying them off first will make them much safer. If any part of the floor gets wet then you can throw the towel down to act as a bathmat and soak up any spillage.

Install Grab Bars

You may not think you need grab bars but in truth they can make life a lot easier.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation conducted research about grab bars in the bathroom and found that 78% of participating seniors used grab bars after it was made available to them, even though previously they hadn’t felt the need for them.

While grab bars may feel like admitting defeat, they actually grant you a lot more freedom and comfort. If you don’t like the hospital or care-home look they often have then there are a range of designer grab bars that look very stylish and more like a luxury towel rail than a grab bar.

Try a Shower Transfer Bench

A shower transfer bench can help a lot with getting in and out of the bathtub. It’s a bench with adjustable legs that forms a bridge over the side of the bath so you can sit down and rotate into the bath while sitting down. The best shower transfer benches feature a swivel seat to make this as easy as possible.

Consider a Walk in Tub

An extreme but often worthwhile option is to swap your tub for a walk in tub. Walk in tubs let you walk in and sit down and often come with a wide array of extra features like massage jets and water heaters so it’s like having a hot tub in your home.

This can be a big step requiring a lot of thought and research. However, we’ve conducted a lot of research for you so you can see our top picks of the best walk in tubs along with a detailed buying guide.

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