Best Walk in Tub Shower Combo

While a walk in tub is a luxurious upgrade to your bathroom, it does require completely changing the way you bathe from now on by restructuring your bathroom. As such, plenty of walk in tub buyers understandably want to keep the flexibility of being able to have a shower.

While most of the best walk in tubs have a handheld shower included, this is not the same as having a separate shower overhead.

Meanwhile, anyone looking to get a walk in tub for mobility reasons has the same issue of having to step over the side of the bath in order to have a shower.

There is a noticeable lack of walk in tub and shower combinations on the market, but we’ll uncover some of the options you might consider.

Some of the best walk in tub shower combos are:

  1. Install one of the few walk in tub shower combos
  2. Buy a walk in tub with handheld shower
  3. Convert your existing tub using a walk in tub conversion kit.

Best Walk In Tub Shower Combos

Walk In Tub

Most of the best walk in tubs come with a handheld shower included.

Safe Step Hybrid Walk in Tub Shower Combo

The lack of effective walk in tub shower combos is a clear gap in the market. However, one of the leading producers of walk in tubs – Safe Step – have stepped in with an effective solution – the Safe Step Hybrid.

The Safe Step Hybrid combines a classic walk in tub with handheld shower head with an extended rainfall shower head that goes up and over the tub.

This can reach up to the same height as a standard shower and so you can shower as normal in the footwell of the tub, or sit in the walking tub for a quick shower.

This still includes all the perks of a regular Safe Step tub including an Air Therapy System that turns your tub into a luxurious spa experience.

American Standard Acrylic Seated Safety Shower

This is a very simple solution of a molded acrylic chair that fits into the same space as your previous bath. That means you can shower sat down in the existing alcove with an effective shower tray. While shower transfer benches and shower chairs offer seated showering, they still require manouvering around the existing side of the tub. This design avoids all that but does come with the sacrifice that there is no longer a functioning tub.

Homeward Bath Aquarite 59″ x 30″ Walk in Soaking Bathtub

There are a number of tub options out there that aren’t a full walk in tub but instead offer a simple step in tub. That means they have a convenient doorway on the side which is fully water-tight so you can bathe and shower as normal but with out having to climb over the side of the bath.

The downside to this approach is unlike a full walk in tub there is no seat – nor luxurious whirlpool massage features. For mobility purposes you could use a shower transfer bench or shower chair but this is not the more hot-tub-like experience of a walk in tub.

Step Through Tub Conversion Kit

This is a great way to simply convert your existing tub to a walk in shower. While it isn’t exactly a walk in tub shower combo – because you no longer have a functioning tub – it is a great way to have an accessible walk in shower without having your bathroom redone.

Simply follow the cutting template to saw through your existing tub and this entry way attaches securely as a permanent fixture.

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