Why a Handicap Tub?

If you have mobility impairment, it’s comforting to know that a wide variety of handicap bathtubs are available that enable you to bathe yourself with limited to no assistance necessary. A handicap tub featuring technology that allows you to safely and privately enter and exit makes bathing a safe, private, even enjoyable experience, while a professional tub consultant can help you decide which tub designs and capabilities are best for your situation.

Walk-in tub with lift

Bath lift tubs offer a comfortable and efficient way to accomplish independent bathing from a seated or full-length position. With this design you step into the tub, sit down on a slip-resistant seat, and close the door. Once the tub is filled with water you simply press a button and the lift slowly lowers into the water. To leave, you press the button again once the water has drained, and the lift will elevate you so that you can easily and safely stand up and exit the tub.

Lift-chair handicap tubs

Lift-chair handicap tubs empower individuals with very limited mobility to bathe independently and comfortably. This tub design features a remote control operated slip-resistant lift chair that allows you to transfer from a wheelchair or walker to the chair positioned on the outside of the tub. Once on the lift-chair, you use the remote control to swivel into the tub and lower. The chair swivels out again when bathing is complete.

Life-chairs can come with an optional leg rest and can be adjusted according to your height so that you enjoy the safest, most comfortable bathing experience possible. For good measure, many designs feature soothing and stimulating spa jets.

Expert handicap tub assistance available

Every individual’s situation is different, which is why it’s best to seek the advice of a qualified bath specialist when choosing the handicapped tub that is best suited for your specific physical limitations and your particular home environment.

Maintaining privacy and dignity while staying safe are the founding principles behind the advent of walk-in bathtubs and showers. From custom to prefabricated, walk-in or a slip-resistant seat lift, exploring all your options with a qualified expert is a great first step to preserving your independence.

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